What Every Dogger Needs To Know

As a dogger there are a few different things that you will need to know. Being a dogger is something that can be a lot of fun and very sexy as long as you follow the rules and that you understand the way it works. People that are new to dogging will need to make sure that they understand the way it works quickly if they want to be able to stick with it.

Where to Go

Knowing where to go is something that is really important. If you go to a location where you can easily be seen, then you run the risk of getting into trouble with the police. Police that have had complaints about dogging in a specific area before will often end up keeping a close watch on that area so you will need to make sure that you go to more than one location whenever you are a dogger to prevent getting caught.

The Signs

People that happen to have a stuffed dog on front or back window of their car are often doggers. During the act, if they roll down the windows they will often do this so that they can invite people to reach in and touch them.


Always make sure that you clean up after yourself after dogging and that you are respectful of the other people there. This is the best way to be a considerate dogger. A dogger that stands in the way of the rest of the audience or does not clean up after themselves will often not be invited to go to another dogging meeting.

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